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Discomfort in your knees can affect your life dramatically. Simply trying to walk around the house, drive to the store, or engage with family activities can leave you feeling down-and-out. 

Your patience boils with each painful manoeuvre, as you find yourself changing for the worse. Feelings of isolation and a physical inability to accept friends and family invitations drain the colour from your day. 

Regardless of whether you've had knee pain for only a matter of days, or several years, this chronic torment strips you of energy and momentum for life. Going about daily chores can leave you feeling overwhelmed and scared about the future. 

This is where we believe that physical therapy comes in. 

Suffering from knee pain? Been to see your doctor only to be handed a prescription for pills?

Seeking a medical diagnosis for knee pain often generalizes your condition. It's ubiquitous to ask for help and instead find yourself with a prescription for painkillers. While this works in the short term, pills only mask the pain. Expensive painkillers do not solve the problem. 

Yet, there is another way. You don't have to remain at the pharmaceutical company's mercy. Your body can be freed from the shackles of knee pain, and your muscles can be reset by undertaking physical therapy. 

At PRO Therapy, we can help effectively disperse your knee pain and comfortably get you back on your feet. We focus our skills to help you avoid dependency on medication utilizing natural knee pain relief. Rather than hide from your problem, we want to see you back to health!

We Offer Physical Therapy Services for People in Coon Rapids  

We won't steer you down an expensive route of painkillers and surgery. Instead, we opt to gear you up for a personalized treatment service which targets your pain at its source.

We firmly believe that knee pain comes from your lifestyle, the way you walk or sit, or from trauma and old injuries that haven't healed properly. Whatever the cause, we will work with you for a completely natural solution. Through the means of physical therapy, we'll help get you back to doing the things you love to do!

Why not get in touch with us? We'd be delighted to learn more about you, and tailor our skills towards transforming your life for the better - free from pain!

Why Choose PRO Therapy For Knee Pain Relief In Coon Rapids?   

If you have been given poor advice or found conflicting information sources when seeking answers through Google, then the treatment for knee pain can seem confusing or damaging to your ligaments.

Due to this confusion, people seem to accept knee pain as a new part of their life. We can prove that you needn't have to follow this path.

Our specialists hold a vast amount of first-hand experience in easing pain and discomfort, and thoroughly understand how chronic joint and muscle torment can leave you feeling.
We aim to help get you back to health through our means of effective, non-injurious knee pain relief.

We aren't in the habit of treating people like numbers, either. You'll become part of our family as we establish the treatments that work best for you. Our vast experience has showcased that everyone's body reacts differently to specific treatments. What's right for others may not necessarily work for you.

It is for this exact reason that we never generalize conditions. Instead, we take the time to learn about you - and your situation - to get the full picture before tailoring your care package accordingly.

We pride ourselves in providing the best care and therapy possible.

Get in touch with us to find out more. We'd love to hear from you!

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