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We Are Hiring! Physical Therapist Wanted!

Position: Physical Therapist

  • Do you have a positive persona that makes patients look for any excuse to come back and see you?
  • Are you a self-starter?
  • Are you comfortable with picking up the phone to speak with past patients?
  • Are you able to communicate with patients in a way they know what you’re doing for them?
  • Are you able to connect and engage with people on a personal level (not just clinical skill level)?
  • Do you have time for people over and above their allocated clinical sessions which you are paid to give?
  • Do you love to learn and are committed to being part of a TEAM that puts the patient first, not the professional ego? 
  • Are you flexible and open to change?
  • Do you view the opportunity to learn as a privilege and not something that you should be paid to do?

About PRO Therapy

We’re a private outpatient physical therapy practice operating in the Twin Cities. We have two clinic locations in NE Minneapolis and Coon Rapids. Founded in 2016, we’ve expanded from a cramped, single treatment room to multiple clinics and have grown our team as well! The time has come again to find our next physical therapist to join our team!

Over the past 4+ years, we’ve been helping people make better decisions about their health – allowing them to live their life the way they choose and deserve! We help adults in the Twin Cities region and beyond, stay active and independent, to be able to do the things in life they LOVE to do, free from painkillers, injections or dangerous surgeries. We invite you to check out our website, read our reviews and learn as much as you can about our company to find out if we may be the right fit for you. We’re very excited about bringing on another team member at PRO! Are you the one?

We operate with a people first, patient second approach always placing the needs of the individual person as top priority. We believe whole-heartedly in supporting each PRO Therapy team member through education, teaching, training and coaching. We want all team members to thrive in our practice regardless of their role. My guess is you went into this profession because you love physical therapy and the changes we can make in the lives of many people. Our goal is to help you realize this passion offering a clinical environment that values work-life balance, positivity, desire for growth and learning, openness to change and fun!

We know that true A players love to be held accountable for high standards of performance, which means you’ll be given your own key objectives and outcomes. When these are consistently met, you’ll experience substantial benefits and privileges.

Demand for this role is always high, and we invite you to apply if you feel confident and able to achieve the tasks and responsibilities listed in below in this job ad.

The Role

As a physical therapist at PRO Therapy, you will be primarily responsible for creating WOW experiences for each patient from the first point of contact. You will always place person before patient to build long-term relationships and deliver results. You need to consistently be open to change, a team player, demonstrate desire to pursue growth and learning and bring a positive attitude to the practice daily including your interactions with other PRO Therapy team members. We also want you to be kind, have fun and laugh often!

Your primary job function is to ensure that PRO Therapy patients complete their recommended plan of care.

The Tasks

  • Communicate with patients in a way that allows them to confidently make the right decision about the plan of care you suggest.
  • Ensure that patients achieve their clinical and health/lifestyle outcomes specific to time frame set by the physical therapist.
  • Develop a mutually beneficial relationship between the patient and the practice.
  • Effectively and confidently communicate the value of our service fees/prices that the patient will need to pay to access physical therapy.
  • Ensure the patients remain excited about the prospect of coming to physical therapy and remain committed to the treatment plan you suggest.
  • Provide high level customer care that will cause patients to want to come back to us frequently and also tell friends, family, and co-workers about the practice.
  • Ensure patients coming for Discovery visits convert to an evaluation visit. 
  • Ensure patients coming for evaluation visits convert to a plan of care. 
  • Ensure that patients who agree to a plan of care at the evaluation visit understand how that will help them to reach their personal goals and outcomes.
  • Ensure that clinical notes are kept up-to-date, accurate and completed in the agreed time frame needed for the practice to effectively and efficiently submit claims and/or fee-for-service.
  • Participate and contribute to help develop in-house educational training program that is provided to all physical therapists.

Skills/Competencies Needed

  • Be able to communicate with patients that they can confidently say “yes” to a full plan of care and understand why the suggested plan of care is the best solution to solve their problem.
  • Communicate with patients that they can see value in the plan of care being put forward to them in exchange for their time and money.
  • Willing and able to spot when a patient may be disillusioned or confused with their progress or lack thereof and likely to drop off.
  • Be able to engage with and connect with patients on a personal level that goes much beyond a clinical outcome.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of what the causes are – and solutions – that could lead to a patient dropping off the schedule.
  • Demonstrates a willingness to be held accountable for performance.
  • Ability to thrive in an environment where measurement is the driving force behind progress. 

What We Will Do For You

  • Provide you with ongoing support and training to help you maximize efficiency and efficacy in your role as a physical therapist at PRO Therapy.
  • Provide a safe, clinical environment that promotes work-life balance.
  • Opportunity to develop and grow in a team that is value-driven and strongly encourages personality-based service.
  • Competitive wages with opportunity to earn more as we grow as a result of your impact.

Compensation: TBD based on applicant/experience

Hours: Part-Time / PRN

Locations: PRO Therapy - Northeast & PRO Therapy - Coon Rapids

How to Apply

To Apply: Please submit your resume and a cover letter explaining why you think you would be the best candidate for this role. Please also let us know what you’re looking for in the role (How can we make/keep you happy in the role if you are successful?).

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