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I’m Experiencing Pain – Should I Be Worried?

Have you been experiencing pain?

Have you been experiencing pain and don’t think it’s quite enough to visit a doctor? 

First thing’s first, don’t panic. 

We’ve all been there. One day you feel a stinging pain in your knee going up the stairs, and the next day it’s gone. 

You might have an infrequent mild pain in your joints that dies down and then catches you off guard. 

You might have even experienced pain that flares up for a few days and then returns to normal after some rest. 

We look at this as a cycle of aggravation, it’s very rare that a problem ignored is one gone for good. 

You might be able to do some less strenuous exercises or activities which don’t cause the issue to flare up. 

It may be that you’ve had pain that is beginning to get more frequent. 

No matter how small you think that the problem may be, we want to help you.

We know that pain can be temperamental, perhaps you’ve booked an appointment with a doctor and then a couple of days before your meeting the pain disappears. 

We understand how it feels to be concerned about infrequent or frequent pain. We’re here to help – there’s no problem too big or too small.

Start by getting in touch and booking a free discovery visit today so we can start investigating the cause of your pain. 

Don’t Just Ignore Unnecessary Pain

Don’t let pain affect your quality of life, there’s always a solution to manage your discomfort. 

You might think that just because you don’t need an X-ray or an MRI scan that you don’t need professional help. This isn’t true. 

If you’re living with pain no matter how inconsistent it is you need to start taking the right steps towards a healthier future. 

We’re on your side and we can help investigate any underlying pains or feelings of discomfort and provide a program that is personalized to you. 

If you’re still feeling skeptical about whether your pain should be a cause to call the doctor, we have some great news for you. Here at PRO Therapy we’re available whenever you’re ready to take the first steps towards a painless future. 

Pain left untreated or ignored can cause further issues in the future and can start to become more consistent in your daily activities. 

Don’t let your pain go unexamined, start today by getting in touch, we’re just a phone call away. 

Putting Physical Therapy First

Minnesota allows direct access to a physical therapist. 

But what does that actually mean? 

Once you might have required a referral order from the doctor before you could see a physical therapy specialist, however, this is no longer the case. 

Now you can walk straight into a physical therapy clinic like PRO Therapy and be seen that day by a specialist. 

There’s nothing more frustrating than being told you need to wait to receive treatment for an ongoing pain or ache and we know that. 

Gone are the days when you would need to waste valuable time and money on having a doctor tell you to seek additional help from a physical therapist.

What Can We Do? 

We provide a large variety of different treatment programs and routines that can get you back on your feet again. 

We want to work with you to create a program that is effective and pain free. 

We don’t subscribe to the idea that “pain is gain.” Physical therapy shouldn’t leave you worse off than before your treatment. 

We provide a huge variety of different treatments, so if an exercise or stretch seems too daunting we can help you around this. 

Stretching shouldn't cause pain

What Do We Offer? 

We want to know what works best for you. Our treatment programs are tailored to you meaning we can help you get the most out of physical therapy.

Our range of treatments includes but is not limited to the following: 

  • Mysofascial Release Therapy – This form of therapy is when sustained pressure is used to loosen up stiff tissues. Your joint tissue becomes more pliable and this reduces the pressure on your joints relieving pain. 
  • Kinesiology Tape – A kind of tape originally only used for sports specialists but has proven effective for relieving strain in muscles before, during and after exercise. 
  • Cupping Therapy – Special cups are placed on the skin to create a suction allowing blood vessels to expand and promote increased blood flow. 
  • Therapeutic exercises and activities – We promote a range of stretches, exercises and activities that can be beneficial when used alongside other treatments. 
  • Trigger Point Therapy – Your therapist will stretch the affected area of muscle and apply pressure to knots or painful areas. This helps to relieve muscle tension and promote healing.  
  • Neuromuscular Re-education – This is used to promote and restore normal body movement patterns. When damage is caused to joints it can often mean that your body movements are in need of retraining. 
  • Dry Needling – The technique used is different to accepnturits. Dry needling involves the use of thin needles to slightly puncture the skin to try to stimulate myofascial trigger points. This can also assist with underlying pain and non-normal body movement. 

Where one treatment may seem too daunting we can look at alternatives but we’ll still make sure you’re receiving the best possible treatment. 

When Should You Be Concerned About Your Pain? 

Pain comes in all sorts of forms and can be persistent, niggling or chronic. 

Don’t ignore any pain that can be categorized as the following: 

  • Decreasing the range of your joint motion – This is a searing or lasting pain that limits the motion of your joints. It can become so severe that it prevents you from moving completely. 
  • Large swollen area – Any joint or soft tissue that appears different to usual.
  • A constant pain – A pain that persists longer than a few days or worsens in severity
  • Persistent pain – An ache that does not go away with standard medication or that returns after stopping using painkillers.
  • An area of previous injury or surgery – A pain associated with an area that has already undergone significant trauma. 

There’s no time like the present and you shouldn’t leave your pain to keep you down or even worsen over time. 

What Could Be Causing The Pain? 

Are You Experiencing Pain?

There are many causes of acute and chronic pain. Often joint pains and aches can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

The longer you wait the more the condition and cause can worsen. 

The following are a few diagnoses that we can give advice and potential treatment for: 

  • Inflammation of the joint – You have recently injured a joint and it becomes painful quite suddenly. The thin layer of tissue may become inflamed –  traumatic synovitis.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis – This can start in one or a couple of joints causing acute pain which if untreated may lead to the condition worsening. The pain may initially start by coming and going. 
  • Osteoarthritis – This occurs when the cartilage sheath protecting the bone begins to break down. Joints begin to grind against one another causing discomfort. 
  • Generalised pain – pain can purely be caused by stretching incorrectly or by lack of or too much exercise.

We want to help you get the advice that you need. We can help with all of the above and far more. 

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

The Consequences Of Letting Pain Worsen 

We know it can be hard to make the first steps towards a healthier future but we want you to know we’re here to help you every step of the way. 

It can be daunting to seek help especially in today’s climate but it’s important that you do. 

The earlier you seek help the quicker that we can begin to treat your pain and get you back to where you should be. 

Our personalized treatment programs are built around managing and reducing the source of your pain. 

Painkillers might give a quick fix solution but the underlying issue still persists. 

Using over the counter pain relief can usually dull the pain or ache you’ve been experiencing. However, this medication is not a long term fix. 

We’ve heard from a lot of clients that they started by treating their pain with this kind of medication. In nearly every case the condition has worsened. 

The best and most effective treatment targets the source. Our treatment programs are specially designed to target these painful areas. 

Worsening Pain

Don’t Sit About Waiting!

Back to the original question, should I contact someone about my pain? 

Yes! We’re here to help you. 

Small, dull aches can quickly turn into bigger painful complaints when left unmonitored and untreated. 

We hear stories about specific types of pain on a daily basis. Don’t let your pain spiral out of control. 

Minnesota allows you to seek out a physical therapist without the need for a referral. 

Don’t sit about waiting when you could contact a specialist now.

If you’re still hesitant give us a call today and we’ll be more than happy to answer all and any of your questions. 

This is an expansion of a blog written by Ben Schacht on the 1st of July 2020 click here to give it a read.

Kevin Spahr

Kevin Spahr

Dr. Kevin Spahr, Minneapolis, MN Physical Therapist, understands that each patient is unique when it comes to injury and disease management. “The complexity of our bodies requires detailed examination and critical thinking to develop a care plan specific for each patient.” Dr. Spahr places high priority on customized treatment plans to help you reach your personal goals. Dr. Kevin Spahr, originally from Winona, MN, completed his undergraduate studies at St. Mary’s University in his hometown. After graduation, he moved up to the Twin Cities metro area in 2005 to pursue his Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree at St. Catherine University School of Health in Minneapolis, MN. My love and dedication to the world of physical therapy began at a young age dealing with personal injuries sustained in sports. My passion in life has always been to help others, and a physical therapist is the career path I chose. My focus is on you. My goal is to keep you happy and healthy. In his free time, Dr. Spahr enjoys spending time with his wife (Liz), dogs (Mia & Ellie), family and friends when not in the clinic. He also enjoys staying active, exercising and the outdoors.
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