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I’ve Got Some Pain, But Not Enough To Justify A Visit To The Doctor

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We’ve all been there. One day you notice some mild pain at your knee when going down the stairs. It’s not much, and it doesn’t happen every time. Some days the pain is gone completely and other times the pain is sharp and catches you off guard. This “flare-up” usually lasts for a day or two and returns to “normal” after some rest.

Weeks pass and then months…this cycle of aggravation followed by rest keeps occurring. You can still do the things that you want to do, but this annoying pain is becoming more frequent. Some answers why would be nice. But as soon as you work up the nerve to schedule a visit with the doctor, the pain reduces again.

We get it. Time is precious, and the last thing that we want to do with our time is waste it sitting at a doctor’s office being told that nothing is wrong. And worse, who wants to pay for an expensive visit with a doctor to be told “try rest, ice, ibuprofen and come back in two months if things don’t get better.”

For a certain group of people, you might already know that an x-ray or MRI isn’t necessary. Some of you know that Physical Therapy is what you need for your pain and to get back to 100% at doing the things in life you love to do. But you’re hesitant to call, because you don’t want to go through the process of having to see the doctor first.

For any of you out there indecisive or skeptical to seek help for your pain, we have some great news…

Minnesota Allows Direct Access to a Physical Therapist!!!!

What does that mean? A referral, order, etc. is no longer required to see a Physical Therapist. You can literally walk right into a Physical Therapy clinic and be seen that day. You no longer have to spend the money or time on a visit with the doctor just to be told you need Physical Therapy.

This not only saves you money and time, but you will get better, FASTER! The latest research and evidence support that the sooner you start Physical Therapy for those aches and pains…the better your long-term results.

Back to your original concern. Does “achy,” “dull,” random knee pain justify a Physical Therapy visit?… YES! Knee pain is our specialty at PRO Therapy. We hear these stories on a daily basis!

Are you still hesitant on whether or not Physical Therapy is needed for YOUR pain? We now offer FREE Discovery Visits where you can meet with a Doctor of Physical Therapy face-to-face to discuss your problems and whether or not Physical Therapy is right for you. Book your Discovery Visit today by calling our number (612) 767-9917

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Ben Schacht

Ben Schacht

Dr. Ben Schacht, Physical Therapist, takes pride in providing high quality and evidence-based physical therapy care to his clients, while helping them reach their functional goals. Ben enjoys implementing a hands-on approach to treatment, utilizing manual therapy interventions in conjunction with functional exercise to restore mobility and strength. It is Ben’s personal goal to connect with each client on an individual level and be a trusted health and wellness resource for them. Ben grew up in Monticello, MN where his passion for rehabilitation began after sustaining sports related injuries and personally experiencing the benefits of physical therapy. Ben received his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Concordia College – Moorhead where he played four years of college football. Following graduation, Ben earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from South College in Knoxville, TN. Ben enjoys treating people across the age spectrum with conditions that span from head to toe. He has taken a special interest in utilizing Trigger Point Dry Needling to treat myofascial pain conditions. With his extensive background in athletics, Ben enjoys treating sports related injuries and implementing injury prevention programs for athletes.
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